Wedding Catering Coventry: Tips for Hiring the Right Caterer



Weddings are important events that happen once in a lifetime. You want your wedding to be perfect; however, hiring the wrong caterer, band, or event coordinator can bring worries to your day. To help you find the right caterer and food for your wedding, here are some tips:

Tasting the Food
The biggest thing you can do when you start looking at caterers is to taste the food provided. Wedding catering Coventry is going to allow you to taste test the foods you are interested in as a way to secure your business. It is very important that any catering company you are considering allow you to taste the food. How else will you know that they can provide everything that you want to your specific tastes unless you test it?

Wedding Catering Coventry Options
It is not enough to just taste the food; you also need to know they are capable of making the dishes you need. You may have a variety of food needs based on those attending your wedding. For example, you may have someone with allergies. Another person may need gluten free or vegan food. By looking at a catering company in Coventry that offers a range of different dishes, you will be able to find the dishes you require, made the way you need them. Perhaps you have someone attending that needs meals made in kosher style? As long as you choose the right caterer you are going to get what you need.

Plating versus Buffet
Not only is it important to taste the food and know they have the food you desire, but you also want to hire a wedding caterer in Coventry that is capable of providing food in different ways. Perhaps you have a lot of people who will attend your wedding? For a large wedding, it can sometimes be easier and more affordable to go with a buffet. People are able to choose what they wish to eat. They can also go through the line when they are ready to eat versus sitting down with everyone.

Plating can be great for an intimate wedding or an evening wedding. One thing to be concerned about is if the caterer has enough of their place settings to fit your needs or if they will need to rent from your venue such as a hotel kitchen. This can change the costs of the catering.


Your budget is definitely an important factor. With wedding catering Coventry, you will want to set a budget and determine what will fit into that specific amount. This can also determine a few of the options up above. You may need to go with a buffet if you have a small budget or you may not be able to offer all options of food. Remember your wedding is about you, accommodating the people who attend is great, but when it comes down to budget—you may have to compromise. If someone eats gluten free more for the health benefit versus an allergy, you may need to skip the option.

Always ask your wedding caterer Coventry, to make certain what they may be willing to do to fit your budget.

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