Warwickshire Company Makes the Right Christmas Decision…

Whether we like it or not, we can’t deny the inevitable onslaught of Christmas. We find ourselves constantly bombarded by adverts intended to pull our heartstrings, or drowned out by the blaring of Christmas songs – not just on the radio, but by people who will kindly come to your house and interrupt your dinner, just so you can revel in the festive spirit from the comfort of your own home. Lovely. The last thing you need is a sub-par catering contract for that upcoming Christmas party.

Hark, can you hear it? No, it’s not the sound of sleigh bells jingling, it’s our corporate catering services here at Plum Buffet coming to the rescue, smashing aside the tacky decorations and awkward Xmas do small talk. No longer will Cheryl from accounting tell you for the 50th time about her son who’s “off to university, you know”, and never again will you wonder at what time it is socially acceptable to return home to your advent calendar in hopes of retrieving some of that quickly dwindling Christmas spirit. Providing you choose Plum Buffet for this year’s Xmas do, you and Cheryl will be astounded beyond all parameters of speech, rendering any awkward small talk topic simply impossible to be discussed.

The prompt for this blog came when we were carrying out a corporate catering contract in Warwick this week. Our clients were so impressed they immediately booked us up for their end of year festivities! Considering this, we thought it best to take to the web ASAP to give all our customers the chance of securing our services in the run up to Christmas.

We don’t know what it is about us that impresses our customers so much, because they often tell us it’s hard to decide on a clear winner! This was unanimously the exact reaction of our recent business clients in Warwick. Maybe it’s our minimum order, an extremely low £35, meaning no small business can despair and anyone can indeed have a very merry Christmas. Or maybe it’s our menu, which covers a wide range of delicious buffet food appropriate for a corporate contract such as sandwiches, rolls and wraps. Whether it’s the modest budget lunch service we offer from just £4.70 per head, or the posh nosh buffet masterpiece at £9.45, we are confident that we can make that Christmas do a whole lot less painful.

If you want to avoid that looming feeling of seeing your colleagues outside of work hours, distract yourself with the assurance that, providing you book quickly, we at Plum Buffet can make it a party to remember with our magnificent menu. Remember, we are more than happy to venture forth from our home county of Warwickshire to all regions across the midlands and to London areas also, so don’t let that stop you from contacting us via email or telephone, which are both available on our contact page

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