Private Dining – Bringing a Restaurant to You!

Did you know that Plum Buffets offers private dining, bringing the restaurant to you? Well, now you do! No longer must you toil over the stove preparing the feast for family occasions. No more must you set up the tables and chairs at the venue you’ve booked for your loved one’s birthday. And gone are the times when you must do the dreaded washing up.

Plum Buffets private dining service is suitable for a vast range of events. Whether you’re just planning a small get together with friends, or a humungous family occasion with all the bells and whistles… we have the experience, the staff, the equipment, and most importantly, the food, to make these occasions go off with a bang!

In all our menus, not just those available for private dining, we use fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. We believe that this helps to ensure that our meals stay delicious, whilst helping the smaller companies and businesses around our beloved home county of Warwickshire. When eating our food, you’ll notice the difference as the flavour bursts onto the tongue!

For all private dining, our staff are available for hire. If you’re ordering from our fine dining menu, then they come absolutely free of charge, for four hours! Not only are you getting a uniformed staff, including chef, you’re getting a group of people who are all trained to the highest standards in health & safety and hygiene. They will also do anything they can to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Want to put on a hog roast in Hastings? What about an anniversary in Abingdon? Or even a buffet in Bristol? Then never fear! Plum Buffets offers free delivery within our catchment area of all London and Midland regions. We love getting the opportunity to travel across the UK, meeting new people and letting them taste our great cuisine. So, don’t let your location stop you from ringing up and booking us today.

There’s no limit to the customizability that the private dining option gives you. No matter the size of the kitchen, the location of the venue or the amount of people on the guest list, we have what it takes to put on a great celebration. We even have our own catering equipment, should you want to party in a facility which doesn’t have a kitchen. Upon arrival, our staff will set everything up just as it needs to be, with time to spare before the first guests start to wander in. We really do make it as easy as possible for you! So what are you waiting for? If you’re in need of private dining, then contact us via the website, or by telephone or email. You won’t regret it!

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