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Summer is always a busy time for caterers and Plum Buffets is no exception to this!
Be it business lunches or big events and occasions, we’ve had a very successful and busy couple of months. This week we had another big corporate event this time right here in the heart of England, Coventry. A beloved colleague was retiring and the management team wanted to spoil her so of course they recruited the best caterers in the West Midlands to give this lovely lady the send-off she deserved. Corporate catering can often become stale and seem boring and when searching for caterers in the West Midlands you’ll find that a lot of the time the menus on offer are a little bit repetitive and samey, especially so if you’re looking for a traditional sandwich buffet. But here at Plum, we know how important it is to our business based clients to have a reliable source of caterer, who can be called on to deliver time and time again.

This is what we offer all our clients. We at Plum Buffets have extensive experience with providing buffets for big corporate events, for companies such as Lloyds, Jaguar, and Coventry City Council, all of whom have been over the moon with the delivery and quality of our buffets. This is because we only use the very best, freshest and tastiest ingredients, and we only employ the best trained staff to prepare it, meaning that you never have to compromise on quality.
The organisers of this event went all out and opted for our Posh Nosh menu, which included a selection wraps and rolls from our Premium filling menu, crisps, Indian savouries, a delicious cold meat platter, chicken tikka split sticks, potato skins and cakes, crisps, drinks and fresh fruit for everybody. Our easy to navigate ordering form means that you can have your choice of the things you want to try, and leave out the things that don’t tickle your fancy, so there’s no random selection of snacks left over, even down to the sandwich fillings; you only pick the things you want and then we do the rest. That way, we can always assure that there’s something for everybody and every possible dietary requirement is fulfilled!
The buffet went down a treat and was enjoyed by all, with the leading lady commenting that Plum was “the best catering company in the West Midlands” and she will be sad to miss out on more corporate events, as she lives in Birmingham.  But Plum Buffets assured her that that doesn’t matter, as we’re easy to find, and we will go all over the country just to make your event an extra special one! We like to go the extra mile (literally!).
Plum Buffets Catering serves the West, Central and East Midlands, and also London, Oxfordshire and beyond!
Take a look at our menus and if you have a big occasion or party coming up, but you simply don’t know what to do about the food then look no further!

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