Plum Catering in Warwickshire – On a budget

The leaves are falling off the trees, the days are drawing in and Christmas will soon be upon us! Exciting times indeed, but also as we all know, very very expensive.

Companies, families and event’s organisers alike always put on spectacular events and bonuses for Christmas, to get people into the holiday spirit and reward them for the hard work in the year gone by. But this sometimes means, that the budget can go slightly askew! Saving every penny to make Christmas extra special is a common activity…. However here at Plum Buffets, a family run catering business, we know that the rest of the year doesn’t just stop because Christmas is coming! This leaves some companies wondering how to save money to give their employees the best possible bonuses: this includes cutting back on company spending and corporate events and lunches. However what if we told you that you can have lovely corporate lunches and not break the bank? Plum Buffets prides itself on its flexibility and variety: this includes the budget for our lunches and buffets!

Earlier this week Plum provided a valued regular customer in Warwickshire of ours with our Simple & Scrummy lunch menu for 15 people! Budget lunches can often render images of grey stale cheese sandwiches, cheap crisps and flavourless brown fruit. But with Plum Buffets, we think that sticking to a budget should never ever compromise quality, freshness and flavour!

With our Simple yet Scrummy menu cashing in at a modest £5.70 per person, its far cheaper than a restaurant meal, and more convenient, because we deliver it straight to you, all plated up and prepared!

This company received the following: a selection of freshly made sandwiches, wraps and rolls, with a choice of an item from our finger buffet savouries menu: in this case they option for Thai chicken skewers, all served up with a selection of luxury crisps, cakes, fresh fruit and cold drinks… Much easier than nipping round to the supermarket for a packet of sausage rolls!

We have a minimum order of just thirty-five pounds, meaning even if you just need lunch for 5 people, we can accommodate, deliver and collect all the leftovers (not that there ever are any!)

We deliver catering for corporate and personal events all over the United Kingdom and especially the Midlands! Saving the pennies here during the months leading up to the festive season means that you can afford to go all out for your Christmas do, which Plum Buffets can cater for as well!

Our menus range from Budget Lunch all the way through to Posh Nosh, and beyond that we also cater for fine dining events! Whatever your need or your pocket, we can provide!

So why not get in touch now and enquire about all your seasonal events, and find out what Plum Buffets can do for you! But hurry, because tis the most wonderful time of the year, but also the busiest!

Join us again next week for more of our catering adventures!