Contract Catering Birmingham

This week at Plum Buffets we’ve been extremely busy, providing buffet dining in Oxford and contract catering in Birmingham, with more events still to come. Recently, orders have been coming in left, right and centre – for all different types of events. As we are getting busier and busier. We advise all our customers to book well in advance to avoid disappointment!

Contract catering is something that has become increasingly popular with our customers. We offer our services to a wide variety of businesses and establishments, and they are beginning to realise the advantages of securing our services by entering into a contract with us. For example, we provide services for schools, also function venues such as village halls. Any reoccurring event is suited to contract catering – whether it occurs every week, every month, bi- or even tri-monthly. If you need great and reliable catering on a regular basis, then you need Plum Buffets!

One advantage of contract catering with Plum Buffets is reliability… if you have reoccurring events, then it can be a hassle organising caterers each and every time. With this option, you will never need to book again! We can put your dates in our calendar, and make sure we’re free for that day – you get special treatment, and we will always make sure your dates are reserved. As aforementioned, we are getting busier and busier and we can no longer guarantee our availability for bookings that are not made well in advance. Considering this, you, and your business, can really benefit from our contract catering programme if you need catering on a regular basis.

We don’t just provide our menus within our contract catering service, we can also provide staff, mobile deli units, and vending machines. The possibilities are endless! To give you an example, we often provide mobile deli units for builders as they work on-site. These units are a great way to provide our hot and tasty goods where it may be too difficult to cook them at the venue. They’re also great for large events such as school sports days or charity fundraisers. Our vending machines are top quality, and can be filled with snacks and treats chosen by you. We have a selection of healthy items, but can also provide those tasty treats which you or your employees may be pining for. Contact us to find out how we can help you today!

At Plum Buffets, we are a family run company with family values. We want to make sure all your events go off without a hitch, and if you enter into a contract with us then we are doubly committed to keeping you, and your employees or guests, happy. We use the freshest, locally sourced produce in our menus, as we want to both make our food taste great, and help the businesses around us prosper. If you have a business that could benefit from our contract catering services, in Birmingham or anywhere else in the midlands or around London, give us a call!

Plum Buffets Christmas Contract Catering

This Christmas period has seen Plum Buffets carry out many contract catering events all over the midlands. As we have written in previous blogs, we have been getting bookings left right and centre from our regular corporate clients for staff Christmas parties, and this past week has been one of the busiest we have had as a company to date.

Plum Buffets is the perfect company for any kind of contract catering. First and foremost, we have a variety of menus which covers a large spread of events, making it possible for nearly any company to make use of our services. We can cater for hot and cold buffets, canapés, fine dining, BBQ’s, and even hog roasts through our sister company Premier Hog Roast. All our food, regardless of the menu it’s on, is made with our customers in mind. This means that whether it’s a ham sandwich from our buffet range, or a pan seared duck breast from our fine dining range, it’s been made with great nutritious ingredients at an affordable price.

Another reason we are perfect for contract catering is the friendly and experienced staff that we hire. All the people who will be serving or delivering your food have a wealth of experience in the contract catering business, and are always ready to help with any query you or your guests may have. Not only this, but if you order from our fine dining menu, you get a uniformed chef and staff for 4 hours included within the initial price. It’s a Christmas miracle! Naturally, our chefs and staff are still available for hire regardless of the menu you require, but for the rest of our services there is a standard rate of £15.00 per hour. All our staff are used to using our own special equipment, or the equipment already installed at the venue of your choice – just one less thing you have to worry about!

Despite being based in Coventry, Warwickshire, as always, we’d like to remind our clients that we deliver our menus all over the midland and London regions. For most catering contracts, and all fine dining contracts, this service is completely free of charge! We don’t believe in making you pay through the nose for those additional extras that should come as standard. At Plum Buffets, we try and include as many services within the initial price as possible to protect your peace of mind… and your wallet!

So, whilst there may not be any time to book us for your works Christmas do, there is still time to consider us for any event you may have which requires a BBQ, hog roast, buffet or fine dining service. Here at Plum Buffets we’d like to thank all our customers over the past year, both new and returning, and we’d also like to welcome our future customers as well. Remember, no venue is too small and no event too large. Merry Christmas!