Buffet Catering Coventry – What To Consider

When planning an event, the big question most people often ask is: What should I consider in order to set up a fantastic buffet without breaking the bank? To plan your event successfully, providers of buffet catering Coventry offer the following useful tips.

While hunting for catering services Coventry, choose one who is capable of offering a variety of options. A catering company Coventry capable of meeting this expectation will successfully cater to the needs of different people at the event by offering vegetarian food, gluten-free food, vegan options and many more. The simplest way of accommodating everyone at the event is to choose safe meat options with vegetarian dishes and plenty of sides like veggies, carbs and salad. If you are looking for an elegant option, canapés are perfect for providing a wide selection of choices while giving your event an air of formality.

Catering to the needs of vegans is always trickier, but if you have the right caterer and your budget is flexible, you can make provision for them by having a separate meal particularly meant for the vegans. Options for vegans include vegetable curries and salads. If you would like to stay on a budget, you may be able to request your caterer to have things like cheese, croutons or dairy dressing left on the side of the salads that you order as this allows guests to build their preferred salads.

The final thing you should always look for is a buffet catering Coventry service that can cater the particular type of event you are having. If you’re having a sit down buffet then you will want to find someone that can provide fork buffets, but if you aren’t providing tables then you will want sandwiches or finger food. You can also try and find caterers that will supply additional services, for example waiting staff or furniture hire.